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Certification Options

Whether you are looking to add a new curriculum to your classroom, wanting to expand your studio programming, seeking a way to earn a part-time flexible income, or dreaming of building your own successful early childhood business, Intellidance® offers a variety of teacher certification and business options with your individual goals in mind!

Intellidance® Early Years Teacher

Build a Thriving, Profitable Business!

  • Progressive Online Certification 
  • Teach All 4 Core Intellidance® Early Years  Programs for ages 0-5 (Babies, Tykes, Tots, & Kids)
  •  Ready to Go Curriculums
  • Customizable Business Materials
  • Business Coaching & Community Support

Intellidance® Program Teacher

Build a Flexible, Part-Time Business!

  • Online Certification
  • Teach One of the 4 Core Intellidance® Programs (Babies, Tykes, Tots, or Kids)
  • Ready to Go Curriculums
  • Customizable Business Materials
  • Business Coaching & Community Support

Intellidance® Early Childhood Classroom Teacher

Bring Intellidance® To Your Classroom!

  • Teach Intellidance® to your Preschool or Kindergarten Students
  •  Ready to Go Curriculum 
  •  Visuals & Teaching Materials
  •  Community Support

Intellidance® Teacher Individual Program Certifications

Intellidance® Babies Teacher

Ages 3-11 Months (with caregiver)

Certify to teach the Intellidance® Babies! 

  • Training in the Intellidance® Babies Program Design
  • Ready to Go Babies Curriculum 
  • Babies Business Materials

Intellidance® Tykes Teacher

Ages 12-24 months (with caregiver)

Certify to teach the Intellidance® Tykes! 

  • Training in the Intellidance® Tykes Program Design
  • Ready to Go Tykes Curriculum 
  • Tykes Business Materials

Intellidance® Tots Teacher

Ages 2-4 Years (with caregiver)

Certify to teach the Intellidance® Tots! 

  • Training in the Intellidance® Tots Program Design
  • Ready to Go Tots Curriculum 
  • Tots Business Materials

Intellidance® Kids Teacher

Ages 3-5 (without caregiver)

Certify to teach the Intellidance® Kids! 

  • Training in the Intellidance® Kids Program Design
  • Ready to Go Kids Curriculum 
  • Kids Business Materials

Intellidance® Early Years Teacher Certification

Want to teach ALL the Intellidance® programs for children ages 0-5?  

The Intellidance® Early Years Teacher Certification provides you with progressive, self -paced certification in our Babies, Tykes, Tots, and Kids programs!


Get 4 Program Certifications for the Price of 3!

Intellidance® Early Childhood Classroom Teacher Certification

Want to bring the JOY and BENEFIT of the  Intellidance® Method to your Preschool or Kindergarten classroom? Are looking to add a new dance and music curriculum to your classroom? 

Intellidance® offers you and your students a playful and creative approach to movement and music education in the early years.

I love the complete program of Intellidance®! The class from beginning to end runs seamlessly. Jessica's enthusiasm for Intellidance® and educating her teachers is first class. There is so much material in this program you will never run out of new ways to teach.

Intellidance® is well thought out. Intellidance®makes sure that you teach the whole child in a safe, fun and intelligent manner. If you have questions you never have to wait long for an answer, usually within a few hours you have a reply.

Isabelle Cook
Certified Intellidance® Teacher, USA

I was introduced to Intellidance®, and more specifically Ms. Jessica, taught me about my daughter's development in an easy to understand manner. I grew to be a more confident mother thanks to what I learned. When I discovered I was pregnant again when my daughter was 11 months old, I knew I didn't want to go back to teaching in the traditional sense with the school board, so I trained to become an instructor.

Intellidance® has allowed me to continue to do what I love- be home with my children as they grow AND teach others dance, music and creative play. Intellidance® has also contributed to my daughter blossoming into a clever, affectionate little girl who adores interacting with people, and it has helped my son to thrive in an environment where he can develop his physical movement skills at his own pace. Our family has been truly blessed to be a part of the Intellidance® family!

Mel Gibb
Certified Intellidance® Teacher, Canada

Not only is Jessica (the founder of Intellidance®) brilliant, dedicated and hardworking, she is also a very compassionate person who genuinely wants to share her knowledge with teachers, parents and children. The program itself is based on years of research, pulling from several reputable sources in early childhood development and movement education.

I have a Masters degree in dance and have studied many of the sources that Jessica is inspired by in her method. As a teacher, I was looking for a program that I could add to my dance studio that would line up with my education and pedagogy. Intellidance® is it!

Amy Redmond Warran
Certified Intellidance® Teacher, USA


Ignite Your Love of Teaching

Our goal is to ignite your passion for early childhood dance and music education, increase your confidence, expertise, and satisfaction as a teacher, and accelerate your business profitability and success!