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Thumbkin Dances – A Finger-Play Activity for Young Children

šŸŽ¶ Thumbkin dances up, Thumbkin dances down, Thumbkin dances all the way around! šŸŽ¶ Today we’re sharing one of our favorite body parts focused finger-play activities from the IntellidanceĀ® Tykes curriculum, Thumbkin Dances.

Why we love “Thumbkin Dances” and other finger play activities

Thumbkin Dances is one of our favorite finger-play activities! Here’s why:

Thumbkin Dances supports:

  • Fine motor development and dexterity through thumb and finger movements
  • Body awareness through touching and labeling different body parts
  • Language development through rhyme and rhythm
  • Musical development through repetitive melody and moving to the beat

Finger play is an easy, fun way to assist in critical brain development. These activities help develop oral and language skills through simple songs and rhymes, imagination, social skills, healthy brain development thanks to the combination of rhythm, music and movement, fine motor skills, memory and an understanding of new colors, shapes and movements.

More FUN on purpose!

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OurĀ YouTube pageĀ is filled to the brim with activity videos for Babies, Tots, Tykes and Kids! Search for class ideas and share the page with parents for at-home activities.

What is IntellidanceĀ®

IntellidanceĀ® is an international early childhood dance and music program that combines movement, music, rhymes, and sensory activities to support children as they grow! From tummy time to dancing on their own, IntellidanceĀ® promotes brain and body development. Our certified teachers strive to nurture young families through our FUN on purpose methodology.