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The Early Childhood Classroom (ECC) Certification

It’s apparent that there is a gap in students’ ability to focus, self-regulate, perform developmentally appropriate motor skills and respond appropriately to social interactions. To top it off, behavior has become a major challenge. The Early Childhood Classroom certification provides a brain-compatible curriculum to help bridge the gap and accelerate the onboarding of skills.

Intellidance® Method founder, Jessica Griffin, walks us through the student benefits, core curriculum standards met by the program, usages and expectations. The Early Childhood Classroom certification and curriculum are intended for school teachers and daycare providers.

Imagine if…

  • Your students could experience the benefits and joy of dance, music, and play daily in your classroom!
  • You had a fun, yet effective, curriculum that nurtures cognitive, social-emotional, and cognitive development.
  • You didn’t have to spend hours creating lesson plans and teaching resources!
  • You could truly make a difference in your students’ lives!


What is the ECC Certification?

The Intellidance® Method for the Early Childhood Classroom Certification trains professionals in the best practices in early childhood dance and music education.

Using our simple, self-paced, online course platform, you will receive training on how to structure, plan, and implement developmentally appropriate dance and music programming for children ages 3-6. 

The Intellidance® Method for the Early Childhood Classroom curriculum directly supports the learning outcomes for many International Early Childhood Curriculums!

Who is the ECC Certification for?

Anyone Who Teaches Children Ages 3-6!

If you are a Preschool or Kindergarten Teacher, or a Childcare Professional, the Intellidance® ECC program provides you with developmentally appropriate creative dance and music activities you can easily integrate into your current classroom schedule and routine! Teach physical literacy alongside your early literacy and child development goals!

If you are a Dance or Music Specialist, the Intellidance® ECC program provides you with a complete dance and music curriculum! Teach the program with our ready-to-go lesson plans or mix and match your own activities with the Intellidance® programming! Both dance and music techniques and concepts can be taught and reinforced through Intellidance®

What’s included in the ECC Certification?

  • Ready-To-Go Curriculum For Ages 3-6! Immediately access our complete ready-to-go curriculum including Progressive Lesson Plans for Fall, Winter, and Spring, the ECC Activity Guide with hundreds of additional activities, and Lesson Plan Templates to create your own customized lessons.
  • Intellidance® ECC Activity Video Library! Access HUNDREDS of pre-recorded, ready-to-use Intellidance® activity videos that can be used as teacher tutorials or can be played in class for your students! (We love using pre-recorded video activities on days our voices need a break or for substitute teacher plans!)
  • Intellidance® ECC Teaching Resource Pack! Digital downloads for you to print and use with your students while implementing the Intellidance® curriculum, including the Intellidance® Posters, Coloring Sheets, Movement Cards & More!
  • Intellidance® ECC Teacher Certification Courses! Our simple, self-paced, online courses will take you through the theory, holistic benefits, structures, and implementation of the Intellidance® Method and ECC Curriculum we have been teaching educators around the world! Once you have completed your self-paced courses you will be granted your Intellidance® ECC Teacher Certificate!
  • Intellidance® Community Membership! Access to our private international online Intellidance® Teacher Community! Continue to learn and collaborate with teachers from around the world using the Intellidance® Method.

“Through Intellidance®, I gained a whole repertoire of activities that I could use to broaden my students’ understanding of core music concepts through kinaesthetic means. I have yet to introduce an Intellidance® activity to my students that is not met with enthusiasm and requests to be repeated in future classes.”

Courtney Richard Certified Intellidance® Teacher/ K-6 Music Specialist

Intellidance® is for everyBODY!

We believe ALL human beings are born with the capacity to dance. Every single one… even those who feel rhythmically challenged. Intellidance® activities are not based on formal dance techniques. It’s based on foundational physical literacy skills. Don’t let the fear of having 2 left feet hold you back from bringing the joy of dance and music to your students.