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Spring Brain Moves Activity for Tactile Stimulation

Wondering how to include tactile stimulation in your BrainDance™? Check our Karly’s Paint the Rainbow activity here…

Spring is here and with it our new Spring-themed Brain Moves 🌸

Brain Play™ and narrative BrainDance™ is a quick and easy way to effectively warm up the body, whether you’re in the dance studio or classroom.

Our new spring-themed resources include activities that focus on breath, tactile input, core-distal, head-tail, upper-lower, body sides, cross-lateral and vestibular input.

Paint the Rainbow

The ‘Paint the Rainbow’ song is a fun, creative way to incorporate tactile input (touch) into your Brain Play™ warm-up. This activity utilizes brushing, patting and poking movements that warm up the skin, help create body awareness and provide sensory input. Encourage your students to “dip” their hands into paint and brush the colors of the rainbow onto their arms, belly and legs for an imaginative, playful Brain Play™ activity!

Why BrainDance™ and Brain Play™?

Brain Play™ and the BrainDance™ patterns mirror the development of the brain and motor skills that babies and toddlers progress through on their way to becoming mature movers. By practicing these fundamental movements, we strengthen the body’s internal support for both every day and more complex movements.

Moving through the BrainDance™ patterns help fill in developmental gaps, provides sensory integration, rewires the nervous system and reorganizes connections to the brain.

Spring Brain Moves Package Includes…

✅ 3 complete Spring-themed BrainDances™

✅ 24 coloring pages to correspond with each section of the Spring-themed BrainDances™

✅ 24 full-colored posters to correspond with each section of the Spring-themed BrainDances™

✅ 10 “anytime” poem-based, song-based and narrative-based BrainDances™

✅ 34+ tutorial videos to learn from or play directly to your students as they follow along with Intellidance® Brain Moves mini-course that dives into the importance of BrainDance™ and how it’s done

✅ The Brain Moves Teacher’s Guide

✅ Lifetime access to your Spring Brain Moves content…no membership fees!

The Spring Brain Moves package is only available until March 31st, 2022! After that, it’s gone forever!

Visit: Spring Brain Moves For Young Children Mini Course & Resource Package – Intellidance® to shop.

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