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Price vs Value

“I really want to do this! I know it would make a change in my business. I just don’t think I can afford it right now.”

How many times have you said this to yourself? Maybe, instead of looking at the price tag, we start thinking about the long-term value of your business.

Break it down

Let’s say you decide to purchase the Early Years Teacher Certification. For the price of $1,800 USD, your value includes:

  • 4 Comprehensive Curriculums for Ages 0-5 VALUE: $1,000+ USD
  • Professional Marketing and Branding Materials VALUE: $2,000+ USD
  • 100+ Professional Program Images VALUE: $1,200+ USD
  • Promotional Program Videos VALUE: $1,200+ USD
  • Ongoing Professional Development, a Community of Support, Hundreds of Work Hours Saved VALUE: PRICELESS

That’s a value of $5,400++ USD! We challenge you to find another early childhood dance and music program that offers you as much value and support as Intellidance®.

Let’s take it a step further …

If you charge $180 USD per student for a 9-week session, you only need 10 students (attending only 1 session of 1 program) to completely pay for your certification. Every student in every other session is pure profit after that!

By offering Intellidance® classes at your studio, you’re opening your doors to the youngest dancers before anyone else.