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Pool Noodle Desk BrainDance™ Classroom Movement Break

Do you need a quick movement break for your 1st through 3rd graders in the classroom? Give our Pool Noodle Desk BrainDance™ a try!

This activity takes less than 10 minutes for your students to complete right at their desks making it perfect for brain and movement breaks. Your students will benefit from moving through the 8 developmental patterns of BrainDance™

  1. Breath
  2. Tactile
  3. Core-Distal
  4. Head-Tail
  5. Upper-Lower
  6. Body Sides
  7. Cross-Lateral
  8. Vestibular

This fun activity supports children’s brain-body integration, stress reduction, alignment & posture and sensory processing.

Don’t have pool noodles? Use pencils, paper rolls, boom whackers or rhythm sticks. The possibilities are endless!

Song Credits: Atlas by Eric Chappelle from BrainDance Music https://www.westmusic.com/music-books-resources/music-classroom-books-materials/movement-dance/braindance-music-851895

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For more information on Anne Green Gilbert’s BrainDance™ visit: www.creativedance.org.

Intellidance® is an international early childhood dance and music program that combines movement, music, rhymes, and sensory activities to support children as they grow! From tummy time to dancing on their own, Intellidance® promotes brain and body development. Our certified teachers strive to nurture young families through our FUN on purpose methodology. For more information on our teacher certification program or to offer a class in your area please visit www.intellidancemethod.com