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Playlist: Dance Party Time!

Why fight the wiggles? Have a dance party instead! Check out this new Dance Party Time Spotify Playlist created by Certified Intellidance® Instructor and Advisory Board Member, Liahona Walus.

Spotify Playlist, intellidance written in orange and blue. Orange circle with white disco ball and stars. There are two cartoon children, a boy and a girl, dancing under the disco ball. Dance Party Time! Is written in bold orange letters.

Just click on the play button in the top left-hand corner to open the playlist in Spotify. Happy dancing!

Let your students dance!

Dance parties are one of our quick, go-to regulation activities! Asking our dancers to sit still and listen won’t regulate the wiggles. If we want children to find stillness, we need to let them MOVE! Just throw on an upbeat song, turn on your party light and let your students DANCE! After 3-4 minutes of vigorous, physical self-expression they are ready to return their focus to our learning goals because we’ve met their sensory needs.

Learn more about what makes Intellidance® unique

The foundation of the Intellidance® Method is the combination of dance and music concepts, identifying specific vocabulary in dance and music, and developing the understanding of both through the connection between concepts. These connected concepts provide opportunities for children to explore, discover, practice, and create using multiple senses and intelligences. This is what makes the Intellidance® Method so unique!

Interested in learning more? Check out our website to continue reading about Intellidance® Method.