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Leaves Are Falling

Leaves Are Falling – A Finger Play Audiation Song For Young Children

We’re welcoming October by sharing one of our favorite autumn-themed audiation songs, “Leaves Are Falling!” This song is a great recuperative and transition activity to help your dancers focus and follow directions while supporting their musical development. Win-win!

Audiation – Thinking Musically

This song supports the important musical development of audiation. Audiation is the process of mentally hearing music even when no sound is present – like singing a song in your head! It’s a key musical development that supports children’s ability to hear and match pitch! Audiation requires active focus for young dancers as they mentally “sing” in their heads.

Importance of Finger Play Activities

Finger play activities are vital for your little one’s cognitive and motor development. On the surface, these activities look like fun songs and rhymes. However, their benefits are endless! Finger play helps contribute to:

  • Language skills through singing songs and reciting poems
  • Imagination and mental imagery through creating images in their heads that match the song and actions
  • Brain development through memorizing songs and poems
  • Understanding of new concepts through the use of colors, shapes, movement and interactions within the songs

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What is Intellidance®

Intellidance® is an international early childhood dance and music program that combines movement, music, rhymes, and sensory activities to support children as they grow! From tummy time to dancing on their own, Intellidance® promotes brain and body development. Our certified teachers strive to nurture young families through our FUN on purpose methodology.