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Leaves Are Falling Coloring Page

If your students enjoyed last week’s “Leaves Are Falling” audiation and finger play activity, they’re going to LOVE this fall-themed coloring page! Just click the image to download your PDF!

Why we love coloring pages

Coloring pages are a great resource to reinforce the skills learned in class and allow students to bring the activity home to delight in during the week! This coloring page is great for dance, music or preschool teachers looking to support developmental movement patterns and brain-body integration in a fun, seasonal way.

What is Intellidance®

Intellidance® is an international early childhood dance and music program that combines movement, music, rhymes, and sensory activities to support children as they grow! From tummy time to dancing on their own, Intellidance® promotes brain and body development. Our certified teachers strive to nurture young families through our FUN on purpose methodology.

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