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Learning Students’ Names

Do you struggle to learn the names of your students? It can definitely be a real challenge! Depending on the class load and studio size, it’s not uncommon for teachers to need to learn anywhere from 10-300 new names of students each fall! So, what’s the secret to learning names quickly?

SING to learn your students’ names!

We recommend starting each of your early childhood classes with a Welcome Song! This is where you sing hello to each student, using beat and simple movements to guide the song. Combining music, movement, rhythm and language creates an ideal environment for the brain to learn new names!

The Intellidance® adaptation of a Welcome Song uses the familiar tune of Frere Jacques:

Stand up (child’s name), Stand up (child’s name)

Stand up (child’s name), Stand up (child’s name)

Reach up to the sky now,

Reach up very high now,

Now sit down, now sit down.

You can also change the words “Stand Up” to “Hello”!

Brain Science!

Why use a familiar melody as your Hello song? It is much easier for the brain to learn something new within the context of something familiar! Rather than the brain needing to remember a new melody AND new names (requiring two new neural pathways to be created), it can use established knowledge (a previously existing neural pathway, AKA the familiar melody) and link this to new information!

Not only does this support you as the teacher in learning new names, but it will also support the little ones learning (and their caregivers in parented programs).

Interesting Research

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh conducted a study on the relationship between music and remembering a foreign language. They found that remembering words in a song was the best way to remember even some of the most difficult languages. If music supports learning an entirely new language, it definitely will support you in learning your students’ names!

Learn more about what makes Intellidance® unique

The foundation of the Intellidance® Method is the combination of dance and music concepts, identifying specific vocabulary in dance and music, and developing the understanding of both through the connection between concepts. These connected concepts provide opportunities for children to explore, discover, practice, and create using multiple senses and intelligences. This is what makes the Intellidance® Method so unique!
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