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Icicles and Snowflakes

Icicles and Snowflakes – A Finger Play Song for Preschoolers

Today we’re sharing the song Icicles and Snowflakes. This fingerplay song is a great way to introduce the concept of ENERGY to young children!

In this song, we explore the contrast between the smooth energy of snowflakes floating with the sharp energy of cold icicles.

Download your Icicles and Snowflakes activities to hand out to your students to emphasize sharp and smooth movements! Click the images below to download your PDFs.

Jagged icicles drawn in a dotted line with snowflakes at the bottom of the page. The top reads "Icicles and Snowflakes. Trace the dotted line to create sharp icicles."

The top reads "Soft, smooth snowflakes. Trace the dotted lines to create smooth falling snow." Three snowflakes are at the top of the page with smooth wavy dotted lines that connect to three snowflakes at the bottom.

Teaching the Whole Child

We love using this activity as an anticipatory set! This song allows children to visually, auditorily and physically experience the concept of energy before moving into a creative dance exploration.

They SEE the changes in energy by watching the movements. Try to emphasize the difference between the smooth, soft movements of snow to the sharp, hard energy of icicles.
They HEAR/SAY the concept words, sharp and smooth.
They FEEL the changes in their muscle tone throughout the song. Explain to your students that their muscles should feel soft and relaxed during the smooth, light snow. Then, explain how their muscles should contract and feel hard during the sharp movements of icicles.

This is one of the intentional ways we teach the WHOLE CHILD at Intellidance®️!

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