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How Music Rewires the Brain

Discover the Long-Term Brain Benefits of Music

The power of music can literally rewire our brains. Studies have shown that music can create new neural pathways in the brains of children, allowing for improved memory, focus and emotional regulation. It can also improve our learning abilities, improve language skills and help our physical coordination! At Intellidance®, we’ve seen the incredible benefits music has on our students and make sure coordinating movement and music concepts are the driving forces of our curriculum. By understanding the benefits of music in our littlest dancers, we can make a positive impact on their long-term brain development!

How Music Rewires the Brain. A yellow background with an orange paint splat with a white silhouetted brain. There are orange, green, yellow and blue lines connecting to each other within the brain. Green, blue and white music notes are in the background.

Cross-Fit For Your Brain

Listening to music is a full-on workout for the brain. Music processing requires the left and right hemispheres to communicate with one another. The creative right side of the brain interprets musical melodies and emotions. The logic-driven left side is activated by recognizing rhythmic and musical patterns, and language. By tapping into both sides of the brain, music can help enhance communication and creativity, as well as improve overall problem-solving skills.

Music Activates Almost the Entire Brain!

As stated above, music activates both the right and left hemispheres. But, let’s break that down even further. Music lights up the auditory lobes as we receive auditory stimulation (i.e. listening to the sounds). It also ignites the emotional processing areas of the brain including the prefrontal cortex, nucleus accumbens, amygdala and cerebellum. The hippocampus is used in creating new memories and experiences associated with music. Additionally, the motor and visual cortexes are activated! It’s the motor system that allows us to pick up the beat before we even begin to embody it. We receive more motor input from playing an instrument, singing and moving our bodies. Reading music and watching movement while listening to music activates the visual cortex. Literally, the entire brain is in use!

The real magic, however, is that the brain synchronizes all of these areas when listening to music. The only other time this happens is during social interaction. Just think of the power that comes from creating music in a group setting!

A large white circle with a brain in the center. Different areas of the brain are highlighted and green music notes are within the circle.

Activation Equals Neuro Support

Our brain communicates with itself through neural pathways, i.e connections between the lobes. Think of these pathways as hiking trails. The trails that are used the most are the clearest of trees and grass. The ones that are used the least are covered in tall grasses, bushes, tree branches, etc. Music uses almost all of our brain’s “trails”, creating strong, clear pathways between sections. By having these strong neuro connections, we see increased benefits such as improved listening skills, empathy, emotional intelligence, communication, creative higher thinking, critical problem solving and more!

Music and Intellidance®

Music, movement and social interactions are the driving forces behind our Intellidance® classes. We utilize music in every aspect of class, from the welcome waltz to circle dances, lap and finger play, exploration and sensory activities. Connecting dance and music concepts provide opportunities for children to explore, discover, learn and create using multiple senses and intelligences. By addressing the possibilities and benefits of dance and music education, Intellidance® provides an innovative approach for young children to move-to-learn and learn-to-move!

African American baby sitting and smiling while playing with a maraca in one hand.

Learn more about what makes Intellidance® unique

The foundation of the Intellidance® Method is the combination of dance and music concepts, identifying specific vocabulary in dance and music, and developing the understanding of both through the connection between concepts. These connected concepts provide opportunities for children to explore, discover, practice, and create using multiple senses and intelligences. This is what makes the Intellidance® Method so unique!

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