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Hokey Pokey BrainDance™

Classic children’s songs are great to use and modify for BrainDance™ warm-ups and movement breaks. Check out this week’s video share of the Hokey Pokey BrainDance™!


If there is ONE thing we’d love to see in every classroom daily it would be BRAINDANCE™!

Do you use BrainDance™ in your classes? We love using classic children’s songs such as the Hokey Pokey to introduce children ages 3-6 to the 8 movement patterns in BrainDance. This version works well in dance, music, preschool and Kindergarten classrooms.

Anne Green Gilbert

BrainDance™, created by Anne Green Gilbert, is a series of 8 developmental movement patterns that integrate the brain and body. The BrainDance™ Hokey Pokey presented by Intellidance®️ provides children ages 3-8 with a fun way to warm up or as a movement break after sedentary periods in school or as a warm-up in dance class. Read more about Anne Green Gilbert here.

More BrainDance™!

Check out this blog post to learn more about BrainDance™ and why it’s vital for our students. Looking for more BrainDance™ activities? Take a look (and subscribe!) at our YouTube channel for a variety of BrainDance™ songs, poems and narratives.

Learn more about what makes Intellidance® unique

The foundation of the Intellidance® Method is the combination of dance and music concepts, identifying specific vocabulary in dance and music, and developing the understanding of both through the connection between concepts. These connected concepts provide opportunities for children to explore, discover, practice, and create using multiple senses and intelligences, creating long lasting positive outcomes later in life. This is what makes the Intellidance® Method so unique!

Interested in learning more? Check out our website to continue reading about Intellidance® Method.