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Halloween Brain Play™: Swing Little Skeleton

Wondering how you can add vestibular input to your BrainDance™ warmup? Check out our Halloween Brain Play™ Swing Little Skeleton!

Fall is here and with it our Halloween Brain Moves Series 🎃

Brain Play™ and narrative BrainDance™ is a quick and easy way to effectively warm up the body, whether you’re in the dance studio or classroom. Our Halloween-themed resources include activities that focus on breath, tactile input, core-distal, head-tail, upper-lower, body sides, cross-lateral and vestibular input.

Swing Little Skeleton

The ‘Swing Little Skeleton’ song is a fun, creative way to incorporate vestibular input into your Brain Play™ warm-up. Our vestibular system coordinates balance and spatial orientation and lives in our inner ear. This system is one of the first to develop in utero and is activated by the movement of the mother’s body.

The ‘Swing Little Skeleton’ activity utilizes swinging, rocking and spinning movements that ignite the vestibular system in this imaginative, playful Brain Play™ activity!

Why BrainDance™ and Brain Play™?

Brain Play™ and the BrainDance™ patterns mirror the development of the brain and motor skills that babies and toddlers progress through on their way to becoming mature movers. By practicing these fundamental movements, we strengthen the body’s internal support for both every day and more complex movements.

Moving through the BrainDance™ patterns help fill in developmental gaps, provides sensory integration, rewires the nervous system and reorganizes connections to the brain.

You can learn more about Anne Green Gilbert’s BrainDance™ here.

Learn more about what makes Intellidance® unique

The foundation of the Intellidance® Method is the combination of dance and music concepts, identifying specific vocabulary in dance and music, and developing the understanding of both through the connection between concepts. These connected concepts provide opportunities for children to explore, discover, practice, and create using multiple senses and intelligences. This is what makes the Intellidance® Method so unique!

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