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Explore Dance Concepts Through Visual Art at Summer Dance Camps

Have you been searching for a meaningful yet engaging art project for your summer dance camps? Look no further! Explore dance concepts through visual art at your summer dance camps with this creative activity!

Image with 5 small images within it. Top left is paper with glue lines/pathways. Top right is young girl using cotton swab to add color to her activity. Middle left is younger girl using cotton swab to add paint to her activity. Middle right is young girl with her activity. There are multiple colored lines on her activity. Bottom left is the completed activity. Multiple, bright colors mix together on the paper with raised lines and pathways created by the glue.

Conceptual Education

Conceptual education centers on big-picture ideas and learning how to organize and categorize information. Conceptual learning focuses on understanding broader principles or ideas (what we refer to as “concepts”) that can later be applied and connected to a variety of settings and situations.

Connect Dance to Visual Art

PATHWAY in dance can be connected with LINE in art! In dance, we can move in curvy, straight or zig-zag pathways. In art, we use straight or curved lines. By exploring LINE in art with young children we provide them with a concrete visual representation of the PATHWAYS we have been exploring in dance.

Salty Watercolor Line Art


  • White craft glue
  • Salt
  • Cotton swab
  • Watercolor or pallet paint
  • Baking tray
  • Paper towels


  1. Using white craft glue, create a PATHWAY of LINES on your paper (I like to use watercolor paper).
  2. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle the glue with salt until the entire line is covered. (Pro tip! Do this OVER a baking tray to keep the mess in one place and to reuse extra salt).
  3. Using a cotton swab saturated in water, use watercolor or pallet paint and gently dab the paint on the salt. Watch in AMAZEMENT as the paint travels along the salt Pathway/Line.
  4. Optional- Paint the SPACE between the LINES and let dry.

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