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Emergency Sub Lesson Plans

In the life of a dance teacher, is there anything more stressful than needing to find a sub? We’ve all been there – you’re too sick to come in and teach but you do anyways because it’s less work than actually finding a sub and preparing a lesson plan for them. In reality, this isn’t good for you or your students. Just as we advocate for our dancers to stay home when they’re sick, we need to do the same for ourselves. So, how do we reduce the stress of being under the weather? By creating emergency sub lesson plans!

Save Yourself the Time and Stress

Create ready-to-go, pre-made sub plans at the same time as planning your dance sessions. This will save you from:
✔️Madly trying to pull sub plans together last minute, often while lying sick in bed and wanting to do anything but lesson planning.
✔️Random text and email exchanges with a teacher, whom you may or may not know, trying to explain your class format.
✔️ Making a playlist on Spotify, only to discover your sub needed it on Apple Music… or a CD
✔️Texting your other teacher colleagues begging them to print out the handouts your sub needs for your classes.

Create an Emergency Sub Binder

Go into each dance year with your sub plans and resources ready to go. We suggest creating an emergency sub binder each summer with printed copies of lesson plans, copies of any needed teaching visuals and student handouts, and sections with step-by-step instructions for your sub to easily follow.

Changing the way you approach planning for subs will drastically reduce your overall stress during the year. You’ll be able to take sick days and rest when you really need to, therefore, getting back to teaching faster than if you pushed through. AND subs will be happy to take your classes because they know you’re well-organized. A win-win for everybody!

Emergency Sub Spotify Playlist

Did you see last week’s blog with an emergency sub Spotify playlist? Check it out here!

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