Intellidance® Tots Online Teacher Certification


Intellidance® Tots Online Teacher Certification - 1 Payment

All course content will be delivered online via the Intellidance® Method Learning Platform. Learning is self-paced and you will have 1 year to complete your certification.

The Intellidance® Tots Online Teacher Certification Course and Curriculum consists of the following:

  • Intellidance® Method Foundations Course
  • Intellidance® Tots Program Course
  • Intellidance® Tots Complete Seasonal Curriculum and Lesson Plans (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • Intellidance® Tots Concept Based Lesson Plans
  • Intellidance® Tots Activity Guide
  • Intellidance® Tots Activity Videos
  • Intellidance® Tots Teaching Resources (Posters, Coloring Sheets, Caregiver Handouts, etc)

Intellidance® Business Resource Downloads including:

  • Intellidance® Logos
  • Intellidance® Program Photos
  • Intellidance® Social Media Posts
  • Intellidance® Visual Branding Elements

Intellidance® Business Resources and Curriculum resources will be available on your account upon successful completion of the Intellidance® Tots Certification.

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