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Our Story

Our Mission

Intellidance® is a playful and creative approach to movement and music education in the early years. Our programs are based on current best practices and recommendations in early childhood development and education, coupled with child and caregiver-approved fun!

The program model combines exploration and discovery with dance, music, and play designed to nurture our littlest dancers, while strengthening the caregiver-child bond!

Intellidance® teachers are play advocates who empower families by providing simple, accessible experiences that take them from our classroom into their homes.

Our Story

Hi! My name is Jessica! Over 13 years ago my first daughter was born and I began on the joyful journey of parenthood. 

As a new mom I soon discovered the market was saturated with dance programs for children over the age of 5, but I couldn't find a high quality, developmentally based, FUN early childhood dance and music program for babies, toddlers and preschoolers...

So I decided to create my own!

Combining my background in early childhood education and research from leading dance and music researchers, I designed the award winning Intellidance® programs to support the critical connection between movement, music, and development in children during the first five years of life. 

The demand was through the roof!

Over the past 10 years I have successfully trained hundreds of passionate educators from all over the world in the Intellidance® Method.

Through the universal languages of dance, music, and play, our certified teachers are bringing the benefits and joys of Intellidance® to families over 30 countries around the world!

As we enter a new decade, our international team is dedicated to bringing innovative programming that allows young families to flourish and thrive!

Join us as we dance, sing, play, and grow together!

Our Teachers

Intellidance® Teachers are ready to empower through PLAY!

With extensive training in early childhood development, dance and music education, and international best teaching practices, you can expect your Intellidance® Teacher to deliver classes that are FUN.... on purpose!

Teach Intellidance®

Imagine if... you could spend your "work" hours dancing, singing and playing!

Imagine if...you could create a profitable business for yourself as an early childhood educator!

Build a life you LOVE with Intellidance®!

Intellidance® International

Join our community of professionals bringing the Intellidance® Method to communities around the world!

Discover the JOY of Intellidance® 

Dance More! Sing More! Play More!

Intellidance® Classes give you and your little one joyful early moments as you grow together.