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Intellidance® Programs


Innovative Education

The  Intellidance® Method is inspired and informed by leading experts in early childhood, movement, and music education! 

Building upon the work of Rudolf Laban, Anne Green Gilbert, Sally Carline, Beverly Stokes, Gill Connell, Carle Orff, Edwin Gordon, and many more, the Intellidance® Method uses a conceptual approach to dance and music education.

The foundation of the Intellidance® Method is the combination of connected dance and music concepts. These connected concepts provide opportunities for children to explore, discover, practice, and create using multiple senses and intelligences.

By addressing the possibilities and connections in dance and music, the Intellidance® Method provides an innovative approach to early childhood development and education!

Child Learning Philosophy

The Intellidance® child-learning philosophy follows the following three tenants:

1. Each child is a unique individual and will be respected as such.

Every child is an individual, with different strengths, needs, and personalities. We we honor each child’s unique developmental journey. By letting the child take the lead, they will be more successful, have greater confidence and increased self–esteem.

2. Children learn best in an open play-based environment.

Play is how young children naturally explore and make sense of their world. When children play in a safe, trusting environment, they build relationships, learn to resolve conflict, negotiate, and regulate their behavior. Our teachers remain flexible in the direction of each class to ensure they are responding to how children are experiencing play.

3. Children learn through participation, observation, and interaction.

Each child comes to class with different learning styles and preferences. One way of learning or participating is not more desired or beneficial than another. Just as we value each child as an individual, we are dedicated to supporting diverse learning needs. Our teachers create classroom environments that support multi-sensory learning through visual, auditory, and physical experiences.

Benefits of the Intellidance® Method

Connecting dance and music concepts provide opportunities for children to explore, discover, learn, and create using multiple senses and intelligences.

By addressing the possibilities and benefits of dance and music education, Intellidance® provides an innovative approach for young children to move-to-learn and learn-to-move!

Physical Development

Awareness & Coordination

 Balance & Proprioception

 Fine & Gross Motor Skills

 Strength & Endurance

 Flexibility & Agility

Cognitive Development

Anticipation & Prediction

 Problem Solving & Planning

 Language & Listening Skills

 Pattern Recognition

 Following Instructions

Emotional Development

 Self-Esteem & Confidence

 Social Skills & Interaction

Peer & Cultural Appreciation

 Bonding & Empathy


Sensory Learning 

Children experience and learn about the world through their senses.

At Intellidance®, we supports children's multi-sensory learning needs through the Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic domains.


Visual Learners:
  • Need you to SHOW them what to do.

  • Make and maintain eye contact while listening.

  • Watch in order to participate.

  • Respond to pictures, drawings, and images.


Auditory Learners:
  • Need you to TELL them what to do.

  • Repeat and echo instructions.

  • Say what they are doing as they participate.

  • Respond to music, poems, and instruments.


Kinesthetic Learners:
  • Need to TRY what you want them to do.

  • Move while listening to instructions.

  • Show what they are doing as they participate.

  • Respond to movement, props, and hands-on experiences. 

This was easily the best thing I could have participated in as a new momma! The things we learned in class easily transferred to home and my daughter absolutely loves to dance! She even bounces her little bum whenever she hears music or when I sing to her now! We could not be more thrilled with the benefits of this class, and we have learned so much. We started when my girl was six months old and I wish we had found it even earlier. We will continue taking classes for as long as possible. We have one more round of Intellidance® Babies this summer, then starting Tykes in the Fall. Thank you so much for everything!

Lauren Canniff

My two children have been dancing with Intellidance® from the time they were babies. Intellidance® has offered both my son and daughter opportunities to learn and advance their movement skills, coordination, and balance through music and play. Each level, from babies to kids, introduces new challenges and progression.

As a health care professional, it is amazing to watch my own children and others, develop and change throughout each session! Each class includes fresh materials and music with unique and personal takes on popular rhythms and songs. Our teacher's extensive background in early childhood development and movement education is evident in her teaching style.

Parents have as much to learn in Intellidance® as their children. You will discover new ways of fostering development and to use music and play to implement them.

Intellidance® is an innovative approach to early childhood development!

Beatrice Leung Morison

Physical Therapist and Mother

It has been a great pleasure that my daughter Makenna participated in Intellidance®. Makenna is a free spirit like all preschoolers, and she flourished in a dance class that did not specify exact movements required for children to mirror, but for children to use dance to explore their natural movements and creative dance. Makenna has a strong sense of self and enjoys freedom to move with music and song. Attending Intellidance® strengthened her independence of body movement and expression! My only regret was not having her in more classes!

Thank you Jessica for developing this program and providing it to all!

Danielle Smith 

Fitness Instructor and Mother


Discover the JOY of Intellidance® 

Dance More! Sing More! Play More!

Our goal is to ignite your passion for early childhood dance and music education, increase your confidence, expertise, and satisfaction as a teacher, and accelerate your business profitability and success!