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 Intellidance®  Tots Teacher Certification

Have FUN on Purpose with Intellidance®!

Imagine If...

You could bring the benefits and JOY of dance and music to caregivers and children!

You had a fun, yet effective, curriculum that nurtures cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development!

You didn't have to spend hours creating lesson plans and teaching resources!

You could truly make a difference in the lives of young families!

Bring the JOY and BENEFITS of Dance and Music Education to your Community with Intellidance® Tots!

Intellidance® Tots is a unique creative dance and music curriculum and teacher training program created to foster holistic development in children ages 2-4 years. Research shows that dance and music activities offered in a loving, safe, multi-sensory environment enhance life long learning and neural development.

Connecting dance and music concepts provide opportunities for children and caregivers to explore, discover, learn, and create using multiple senses and intelligences. By addressing the possibilities and benefits of dance and music education, Intellidance® Tots provides an innovative approach for young children to move to learn and learn to move!
Intellidance® offers a playful and creative approach to movement and music education in the early years. The program model combines exploration and discovery with dance, music, and play designed to nurture our youngest learners. The Intellidance® Method is based on current best practices and recommendations in early childhood development, international dance and music education standards, coupled with child and caregiver-approved fun! 
Intellidance® Tots offers a lively environment for independent movers and their caregivers, to experience the joy of dance and movement together. Tots love to figure things out, and this class will provide opportunities to problem solve together. Discover and explore movement concepts, while gaining balance, flexibility, and co-ordination. Animated story telling, songs and rhymes, instruments, props, and simple choreography will add fun and excitement!
Intellidance® Founder, Jessica Baudin-Griffin (B.Ed), has trained professionals from all over the world in the Intellidance® Method, using conceptual teaching practices to increase the awareness of the benefits of developmentally appropriate early childhood dance and music education and experiences. Jessica has taught early childhood dance and music education and teacher pedagogy in a wide variety of settings including: dance studios, community centres, preschools, daycares, special educational programs, elementary schools, and post secondary institutions. 
Working in different educational settings has given Jessica a deep appreciation of the importance of music and dance education at all ages and an understanding of the different needs of early childhood professionals. Jessica brings this experience and knowledge to her teaching training programs, providing an educational model that is both strong in methodology and flexible in implementation. Jessica is committed to helping other teachers find success, satisfaction, and joy!

Physical Development

Body Awareness & Control

Balance & Proprioception

Fine & Gross Motor Development

Coordination & Automaticity

Sensory Integration

Cognitive Development

Anticipation & Prediction

 Problem Solving & Planning

 Expressive Communication

Language Development 

 Pattern Recognition

Emotional Development

 Self-Esteem & Confidence

 Social Skills & Interaction

Peer & Cultural Appreciation

 Bonding & Empathy


We strive to empower early childhood professionals to feel confident delivering impactful dance and music activities that support children's learning needs and build a collaborative classroom community!

Our online certification platform combines written training manuals with lecture videos, activity demonstration videos, and live class videos over a series of self-paced, progressive lessons to ensure your growth as an early childhood educator and success as an Intellidance® Tots Teacher!

Become a Certified Intellidance® Tots Teacher!

The Intellidance® Tots Teacher Certification trains professionals in the best practices in developmental dance and music education for young children.

You will receive training in how to structure, plan, and implement developmentally appropriate dance and music programming for Tots between the ages of 2-4 years. 

Your training will include:

Intellidance® Method Foundations Course

  • Introduction to the Intellidance® Method

    • The Intellidance® Child Learning Philosophy
    • The Intellidance® Classroom Community
    • The Intellidance® Teacher
  • Moving and Grooving: Conceptual Early Childhood Education

    • Conceptual Dance Education
    • Conceptual Music Education
    • The Intellidance® Method: Combining Conceptual Dance and Music Education in Early Childhood
  • Bodies in the Know, Minds on the Go: Brain-Body Integration in Early Childhood

    • Infant Reflexes
    • Developmental Movement Patterns
    • Automaticity
    • Brain Play for Early Childhood
    • BrainDance for Early Childhood
  • Manage Your Way To Success

    • Positive Management in Early Childhood
    • Managing Parented and Unparented Classes
    • Fun Flow Strategies: Music and Movement Transitions and Routines

Intellidance® Tots Program Design Course

  • Intellidance® Tots Development

    • Physical Development
    • Cognitive Development
    • Social-Emotional Development
    • FUN.... on Purpose! 
  • Intellidance® Tots Class Design

    • Lesson Plan Design
    • Lesson Implementation
    • Observation of a complete Intellidance® Tots Class
    • Program Practicum: 1 Video assignment submitted online to earn your Certified Teacher Status. Individualized feedback will be provided to ensure your growth and success!

What's Included? 

Ready-To-Go Curriculum

  • Intellidance® Tots Lesson Plans: Core Curriculum Lesson Plans for each Intellidance® Tots Concept. 
  • Intellidance® Tots Core Curriculum Activity Guide: Activity Guide with 200+ Intellidance® Tots Activities Organized by Concept. 
  • Intellidance® Tots Seasonal Lesson Plans: 3 sets of  progressive Seasonal Intellidance® Lesson Plans for Fall, Winter, and Spring. (30 weeks of pre-made curriculum)
  • Intellidance® Tots Lesson Plan Template: Build your own custom lesson plans using the Intellidance® Method. 
  • Intellidance® Tots Video Library: Hundreds of video demonstrations of Intellidance® Tots Activities and teaching tutorials.


Additional Supports

  • Intellidance® Method Community Network: Access to our private international online Intellidance® Teacher Community! Continue to learn and collaborate with teachers from around the world using the Intellidance® Method. 
  • Intellidance® Spotify Playlists: Access to pre-created Intellidance® Playlists on Spotify 
  • Intellidance® Teaching and Business Webinars: Continued professional development bi-monthly to ensure your growth and success!
  • Intellidance® Premium Teacher Shop: Additional teaching visuals, colouring sheets, props, and merchandise exclusive to our certified teachers!

Ready-To-Go Business Materials

  • Intellidance® Tots Promotional Photos
  • Intellidance® Tots Promotional Video
  • Logos and Branding Elements
  • Customizable Marketing Templates
  • Customizable and READY-TO-GO Social Media Materials
  • Registration Forms, Waivers, Attendance Lists, Gift Certificates and MORE!
  • Intellidance® Tots Teacher Profile and Class Listings Page on www.intellidanceclasses.com

The Intellidance® Online Learning Platform

Want to know more about what you can expect from our online learning platform?

In this video, we'll take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of our online program from registration to certification completion!

Parents LOVE Intellidance®  Tots!

Intellidance® Tots and Ms. Jessica are amazing! I love how she explains to the parents WHY we are doing this movement or pattern. My daughter is always engaged and gets really into watching and learning. She takes what she sees in class and we practice it all week until the next class. We will definitely be continuing on with the program after this session is completed!!!

Katelin Hamlin
Mother, Canada

My kids love dancing with Ms. Jessica and other Intellidance® teachers. They are so engaging, educational, fun and silly. The curriculum is well researched and well structured. The activities/ songs are developmentally appropriate and fun to do/sing over and over again (and over and over again because you will be asked to!). I’ve been taking my children for the last five years. I highly recommend them!!!

Jamini Patel
Educator and Mother, Canada

Join Other Teachers Experiencing Success with Intellidance®!

Not only is Jessica (the founder of Intellidance®) brilliant, dedicated and hardworking, she is also a very compassionate person who genuinely wants to share her knowledge with teachers, parents and children. The program itself is based on years of research, pulling from several reputable sources in early childhood development and movement education.

I have a Masters degree in dance and have studied many of the sources that Jessica is inspired by in her method. As a teacher, I was looking for a program that I could add to my dance studio that would line up with my education and pedagogy. Intellidance® is it!

~ Amy Redmond Waran Certified Intellidance® Teacher, USA

Intellidance® Early Years Certification FAQs

How long does it take to complete the Intellidance® Early Years Certification?

Online Certification Programs
All online courses are self-paced, allowing you to move through your training based on your own schedule. You are given 12 months to complete your certification program(s), but individual completion rates vary based on number of hours a day a student can dedicate to the course materials and assignments.

The full Intellidance® Early Years Teacher Certification (Babies, Tykes, Tots, and Kids) takes approximately 60 hours to complete all course requirements. 

Our NEW Progressive Certification model gets you teaching and growing your business at a faster rate!

  1. Complete the Intellidance® Foundations Course ✓ 
  2. Complete the Intellidance® Babies Course ✓
  3. You are now certified and ready to teach Intellidance® Babies!!!! 

Upon completion of each program course, you will receive a NEW certification to teach Intellidance® Tykes, Tots, and Kids!

Individual Program Teacher Certifications in one curriculum only take approximately 20 hours to complete.

What do I require to take online courses?

To complete Online Certification courses you will need:

  • A computer or tablet with high speed internet
  • Microsoft Word or Pages
  • A PDF viewer program to download digital resources (we recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader- you can download it free here!)
  • A video camera for practical assignments (this can be as simple as the camera on your phone)
I don't have a background in early childhood education. Can I still take the course?

Yes! We have successfully trained many professionals who do not have a background in early childhood education. The most important thing is that you love young children and are willing and eager to learn! 

I don't have a background in dance or music. Can I still take the course?

Yes! We have successfully trained many professionals who do not have a formal background in dance or music. The most important thing is that you love to dance and sing, and you are comfortable expressing yourself through movement. If you can march, jump, gallop, skip, hop, turn, sing in tune and move to a beat, you can teach Intellidance®!

We have successfully trained early childhood teachers, dance teachers, music teachers, librarians, fitness instructors, occupational therapists, early intervention specialist, and psychologists in the Intellidance® Method. All of these professionals have found meaningful ways to apply the Intellidance® Method to their professional practice. 

What kind of assignments will I need to complete during the Online Intellidance® Early Years Certification?

Throughout the course you will complete written and practical (video) assignments to support your learning:

  • The Intellidance® Classroom Sensory Experience -Intellidance® Method Foundations Course (Written Assignment)
  • Intellidance® Activity Videos (5-8 minutes) of yourself leading an Intellidance® activity from each program (Program Courses)
  • Intellidance® Babies Safety Guidelines Video (3-5 minutes) of yourself demonstrating the safety and positioning guidelines for dancing with Babies (Babies Program Course Only)

Assignments are uploaded directly to the course platform. You will receive individualized, written feedback that:

  • Identifies and celebrates your UNIQUE teaching strengths
  • Addresses areas of improvement
  • Provides you with SPECIFIC, ACTIONABLE strategies to support your continued GROWTH as a teacher, no matter what your level of experience!
What if I have a question while I'm taking the online course?

Easy communication with the Intellidance® team is available through the course messenger service and via the Intellidance® Method Network Group on Facebook.

I want to start an Intellidance® business in my community, but I don't have my own studio...

No problem! Many of our Certified Intellidance® Teachers have built successful mobile Intellidance® businesses in their communities through partnering with other facilities and renting spaces. Ideas for places to run classes include:

  • Community Centers
  • Yoga/Fitness Studios
  • Dance Studios
  • Churches
  • School Gymnasiums
I am a studio owner interested in bringing Intellidance® to my studio. Do all my teachers need to be trained through you?

Yes, anyone teaching the Intellidance® programs must take the Intellidance® Method Certification. This ensures that all teachers receive the same level of training and maintain the Intellidance®  high quality standards. It also removes hours of work from your already full plate, allowing you to easily grow your teaching team, while you focus on your business growth! 

Studio owners interested in training multiple teachers may contact us for more information on our group discounts!

What are the ongoing membership fees?

Membership Fees:
Membership fees for Intellidance® Teachers are $99 USD/year.

Your first year of Team Member Fees are included in the cost of your certification!

What's Included:

  • Non-Exclusive rights to use the Intellidance® name and trademark and offer the Intellidance®  programs for which you are certified to teach
  • Access to seasonal progressive curriculums and lesson plans
  • Access to Video Library
  • Access to Intellidance® Method Courses
  • Access to Business Resources
  • Access to Marketing Materials
  • Teacher Profile Page and Class Listing on www.intellidanceclasses.com website
  • Webinars for ongoing professional development
  • Membership to the Intellidance®  Method Network (private Facebook group)
  • Access to the Intellidance® Premium Shop 

Ignite Your Love of Teaching

Our goal is to ignite your passion for early childhood dance and music education, increase your confidence, expertise, and satisfaction as a teacher, and accelerate your business profitability and success!