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Pool Noodle Desk BrainDance™ Activity Page

If your students enjoyed last week’s “Pool Noodle Desk BrainDance™” movement break, they’re going to LOVE this fun maze! Help the pool noodle find its friends so they can do the Pool Noodle Desk BrainDance™! Just click the image to download. If you want to watch last week’s activity demo video, you can find it here!

Learn more about BrainDance™ and why you need to utilize it in your classes in our previous post.

We love maze activities, and here’s why:

Maze activities are a huge hit for kids! In addition to being a great challenge to complete, they also have added benefits:

• Develops visual motor skills
• Improves fine motor skills
• Enhances problem-solving abilities
• Increases concentration abilities