Winter Mittens: Another contact paper craft for preschoolers

It’s looking like the snow is here to stay so it seems like a good time to pull out the wintery crafts!

This craft is a bit heavy with parent prep, unless you child can cut pretty well independently, but if they can, of course let them do that part of the parent prep!

What You Need
Cardstock (draw 2 mittens on it)
Contact paper
Things for decorating the mittens
Tissue paper (various colours)
Glitter (we also used glitter glue)

Parent Prep
Trace and cut out 2 mittens (make sure you have a left and a right 😉 or else they won’t look like a pair). Then cut out the centre, leaving a bit of an edge (1-2cm is good).

Cut out enough contact paper for your two mittens to fit on and tape it to the table. I also put half a piece of construction paper on each side of the two mittens, so Adeline’s arm didn’t get stuck on it every time she reached across.

I honestly just used supplies for decorating the mittens that I had around the house! If I didn’t have the reindeer, tree and stocking sequins then I wouldn’t have used them. Your child’s mitts will looks different from Adeline’s, just because you have different supplies available and of course because your child will have a different artistic vision.

Supplies for Decorating
I like to have all the supplies separated so my Little Artist can see and find them more easily. As you can see here I just used a divided plate, putting one supply in each area. Here are the supplies I found around our house: tissue paper (I used all colurs, but if you want to go with a certain colour theme then only offer those colours), glitter and glitter glue, sequins (these are of the Christmas variety) and some snowflake stickers.

I set this craft up kind of like an invitation to play and it worked very well (and if you’re not familiar with what an invitation to play is check it out here). I set everything out and let Adeline choose what she wanted to put where and how she wanted to use each supply.

If you’re been reading this blog for any amount of time, then you KNOW that contact paper is a staple in a toddler’s art cupboard (or drawer or wherever you store your supplies) I usually find ours at Walmart in the households area (where they have kitchen utensils and Rubbermaid and such) and if you didn’t know, its intended purpose is to line your cupboards!

Observations on Child at Play

You can see how my daughter is picking up the small pieces with her finger and thumb, using her pincer grasp, this activity is not only fun, but it’s also working on a very important skill. I am always looking for ways for her to work on her pincer grasp and hand strength, activities like this help with both.

It is also the reason I added the glitter glue. I really like these little tubs because she can hold both the tub and the brush. Adeline was required to use here hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness to dip the brush and hand strength to turn the lid on and off. It was a working day for her!

I was honestly shocked to see that she waited until the very end to use the glitter; it’s usually her go-to supply. After she had used all the other supplies then she added some glitter glue to some of the pieces of tissue paper and it gave it a very nice, finished look.


I would love to see photos of your child’s wintery mittens!! If you would like to share you can tag me on Instagram @themommyathome and use #intellidancecrafts on both Instagram and Facebook.

Happy winter crafting with your kids!

Kelly Milligan is a former early elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom. She lives in Sunny, and often cold, Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and two children (students); her daughter Adeline (3), and son Anders (1).

You can find Kelly doing what she loves best: living life with her family and documenting it with photographs on instagram and twitter @themommyathome

A Note from Jessica:

Preschoolers enjoy immersing themselves in themes and concepts. Books provide a great way to continue thematic development and play while supporting emerging language and literacy skills. Here is a link to a list of children’s books about mittens. The Mitten by Jan Brett is a favorite at our house. Enjoy!