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Watercolor Snowflake Craft

Watercolor Snowflake Coffee Filter Craft for Ages 3-8!

Looking for a simple snowflake craft to try with your early childhood students? Or, maybe your studio is hosting mini-camps over the holiday season? Try our watercolor snowflake craft! Great for ages 3-8.

What you’ll need:

This simple craft doesn’t require many materials. All you’ll need are small white coffee filters, washable markers, a spray bottle with water and child-safe scissors. Optional: hair dryer, something to put under the coffee filters when spraying with water and coffee (for yourself if you need a boost).

Make your snowflake!

  1. First, using the markers, decorate your coffee filter with multiple colors. Remind your students that the colors will all blend together, so it doesn’t have to be perfect! Also, any designs they make with shapes, animals, figures, etc. will blend together when they’re wet.
  2. Next, use your spray bottle with water and saturate the coffee filter with water. Allow the colors to blend together, creating the watercolor effect. This part might get messy! Have some paper towels ready to catch any drips and gloves if you want to save your hands from stains.
  3. Allow the coffee filter to dry. It takes about 15 minutes to let it air dry. Otherwise, use a hairdryer for a faster drying time. Just watch out for water splatters from the dryer blowing water off the filter.
  4. Once the coffee filter is dry, fold it into a small triangle. Then, use your scissors to cut small shapes along the folded edges of your triangle. (Cutting is a great fine motor activity!) If your dancers are still developing their scissors skills, it may be too difficult for them to hold the folded coffee filter and cut. To prevent feelings of frustration, help your dancer by securely holding the coffee filter while they do the cutting. Additionally, help your students if they’re not using child-safe scissors.
  5. Finally, open your filter and ta-da! You have a watercolor snowflake!

It’s that simple! This is a great craft to use at your winter camps and to share with your families for some at-home fun.

Looking for more craft fun?

For our friends in the southern hemisphere, or anyone looking for another fun craft idea to use in the studio, check out our Salty Watercolor Line Art Activity. This is a fun and educational craft to use any time of the year!

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