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 Intellidance®  EARLY YEARS Dance  & Music Teachers

Discover the JOY of early childhood dance and music education with Intellidance®!

Imagine If...

You could spend your "work" hours dancing, singing and playing!

You could create a profitable business for yourself as an early childhood educator!

You didn't have to spend hours creating lesson plans and marketing materials!

You could truly make a difference in young children's lives! 


And so can you!

What's Next?

Starting Your Intellidance® Business is as Easy as

Step 1- Complete the Intellidance® Early Years Online Courses

Step 2- Receive Your Intellidance® Teacher Certification

Step 3- Start Running Your Intellidance® Classes

Become a Certified Intellidance® Teacher!

The Intellidance® Method Certification program trains professionals in the best practices used early childhood dance education.

You will receive training on how to structure, plan, and implement developmentally appropriate dance and music programming for our 4 Core Early Years Programs:

  • Babies (ages 3-11 months)

  • Tykes (ages 12-24 months)

  • Tots (ages 2-4)

  • Kids (ages 3-5)

You are given Life-Time Access to the course, including all Updates and Enhancements with your Intellidance®  Team Membership!


Your Certification Includes The Following Programs

Intellidance® Babies Teacher

Ages 3-11 Months

Certify to teach the Intellidance® Babies! 

  • Training in the Intellidance® Babies Program Design
  • Ready to Go Babies Curriculum 
  • Babies Business Materials

Intellidance® Tykes Teacher

Ages 12-24 months

Certify to teach the Intellidance® Tykes! 

  • Training in the Intellidance® Tykes Program Design
  • Ready to Go Tykes Curriculum 
  • Tykes Business Materials

Intellidance® Tots Teacher

Ages 2-4 Years

Certify to teach the Intellidance® Tots! 

  • Training in the Intellidance® Tots Program Design
  • Ready to Go Tots Curriculum 
  • Tots Business Materials

Intellidance® Kids Teacher

Ages 3-5 (without caregiver)

Certify to teach the Intellidance® Kids! 

  • Training in the Intellidance® Kids Program Design
  • Ready to Go Kids Curriculum 
  • Kids Business Materials

Best Value!!!

Certify in 4 Programs for the Price of 3!

Progressive Certification

 Accelerate Your Success!

Our Progressive Early Years Certification model gets you teaching and growing your business at a faster rate!

  1. Complete the Intellidance® Method Foundations Course  
  2. Complete an Intellidance® Program Course (E.g. Babies)
  3. You are now certified and ready to teach Intellidance® Babies!!!! 

Upon completion of each new program course you will receive a NEW certification allowing you to teach Intellidance® Tykes, Tots, and Kids!

You may choose to complete each program course in the order that best supports your goals and need, until you are fully certified to teach all four Core Intellidance® Early Years Programs.

Watch your business GROW with each new program added!

Only Want To Teach One of the Intellidance® Early Years Programs? 

No problem! Simply register for one of our Individual Program Certifications during Priority or General Registration and complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Intellidance® Method Foundations Course  
  2. Complete a Intellidance® Program Course (E.g. Tykes)
  3. You are now certified and ready to teach Intellidance® Tykes!!!! 

The Intellidance® Online Learning Platform

 Want to know more about what you can expect from our online learning platform?

In this video, we take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of our online program from registration to certification completion!

Businesses Built For Success!

Intellidance® Team Benefits

As a licensed Intellidance® Early Years Teacher you become a part of our Team!

The Intellidance® Businesses Built for Success model will save you thousands of dollars through our pre-created teaching, branding, marketing and business materials!

Easily managed from the Intellidance® Team Dashboard, our comprehensive Team Member Benefits have been designed to ensure teaching and business success.


Teaching Resources
  • READY-TO-GO Progressive Lesson Plans (Fall, Winter, and Spring)
  •  Activity Video Library
  •  Additional Activities Guide
  • Activity Video Library (Hundreds of videos of Intellidance® activities and classes in action)
  • Lesson Plan Templates to create your own original lessons
  • Music Playlists (via Spotify)
  • Prop Retailer Recommendation List (North America Only)
  • Participant Certificates of Completion (Celebrate your students' success!)
  •  Monthly Teacher Webinars for ongoing professional development 


Business and Marketing Resources
  • Professional Promotional Photos for each Program
  • Promotional Videos for each Program
  • Logos and Branding Elements
  • Customizable Marketing Templates
  • Customizable and READY-TO-GO Social Media Materials
  • Registration Forms, Waivers, Attendance Lists, Gift Certificates and MORE!
  • Teacher Profile and Class Listings Page on www.intellidanceclasses.com
  • Membership to Intellidance® Method Network (Private Facebook Group)
  • Monthly Business Webinars for ongoing professional development 

The Intellidance® Pillars of Mastery

Teacher Mentorship

The first step to mastery is fine tuning your teaching, so you can be EFFECTIVE & IMPACTFUL!

Throughout your Intellidance® Certification, we will provide you with individualized mentorship and feedback designed to:

  • Identify and celebrate your UNIQUE teaching strengths
  • Address areas of GROWTH
  • Provide you with SPECIFIC, ACTIONABLE strategies to support your continued GROWTH as a teacher, no matter what your level of experience!

Our teacher training program empowers you to embrace a growth mindset and reach your POTENTIAL!

Businesses Built for Success

The third step to mastery is building your business for SUCCESS!

We want you to have the business know-how and strategies to:

  • Operate different business models
    • Studio Implementation
    • Mobile Classes
    • Partnerships with other Businesses or Organizations
  • Navigate and utilize online marketing on various social media platforms
  • Build word of mouth excitement in your community for organic growth
  • Connect with other businesses and services in your community 
  • Turn your long term goals into actionable steps towards success
  • Grow a long-term, sustainable business that you LOVE!

For your LOW INITIAL INVESTMENT, the 3 Pillars of Intellidance® Mastery, will allow you Build a Career you LOVE!

Ready-To-Go Curriculum

The second step to mastery is a comprehensive, progressive curriculum that keeps your clients COMING BACK FOR MORE!

Imagine if you had access to:

  • 175+ weeks of pre-made lesson plans!
  • Flexible curriculum with 500+ activities!
  • Comprehensive video library of activities!
  • Pre-made Spotify Playlists!

The Intellidance® Method Ready-To-Go Curriculum saves you THOUSANDS OF HOURS of time writing lesson plans and creating resources, while remaining flexible for your specific goals.

Our Ready-To-Go Curriculum allows you to focus your time on connecting with clients, teaching your classes, and building a successful business!

My Success Story

Hi! My name is Jessica and I LOVE to teach creative dance and music to families with babies to children age 5!

Over 10 years ago my first daughter was born. Her birth inspired me to leave my job as an early childhood intervention teacher and start my dream career as a full time dance teacher. While the market was saturated with dance programs for children over the age of 5, I couldn't find a high quality, developmentally based, FUN early childhood dance and music program for babies, toddlers and preschoolers...

So I decided to create my own!

Combining my background in education (I have minors in special education, early childhood education, and fine arts education), dance and music (I grew up performing professionally in Musical Theatre shows), I began offering dance classes with my daughter around my city.

The demand was through the roof!

I could not keep up as a one woman show, so I hired and trained other dance teachers (many of whom were moms with young kids, like me!) to join my team. Three years later I had another beautiful baby girl and my own successful dance studio!

By this time I had many other dance teachers and studio owners bringing their own babies and toddlers to my classes. They were intrigued by the incredible success of studio and wanted to bring my methodology and programs to their own studios.

This is when I formally launched the Intellidance® Method Certification!

Over the next few years, I would host a yearly, in-studio Intellidance® Method Certification to dance teachers and studios interested offering Intellidance, but also professionals, such as music teachers, occupational therapists, childcare workers, librarians, and psychologists, who worked with young children and were interested in applying the Intellidance® Method and activities to their own practices.

At the same time J'Adore Dance had grown into a one room studio (yes, you read that right, one room) that was serving over 1200 dancers and offering over 70 classes per week!

The key to the studio's ongoing success and profitability was my commitment to the best early childhood dance classes possible. Over 400 of our dancers were under the age of 5. Once the children aged out of the Intellidance® programs they stayed at my studio because they had grown up with us, many since they were only a few months old. We weren't just a dance studio, we were family!

Since selling my studio in 2016, I have successfully trained hundreds professionals from all over the world in the Intellidance® Method and am thrilled to see Certified Intellidance® Teachers find success, profitability, and joy!

My goal is to ignite your passion for early childhood dance, increase your confidence, expertise and satisfaction as a dance teacher, and reduce your levels of frustration and stress!

Bottom line, I want you to succeed and LOVE what you do!

If this sounds like the next step in your professional evolution I invite you to join me and our growing community of Intellidance® Teachers from all over the world!

I can't wait to meet you! ~ Jessica

Intellidance® Early Years Certification FAQs

How long does it take to complete the Intellidance® Early Years Certification?

Online Certification Programs
All online courses are self-paced, allowing you to move through your training based on your own schedule. You are given 12 months to complete your certification program(s), but individual completion rates vary based on number of hours a day a student can dedicate to the course materials and assignments.

The full Intellidance® Early Years Teacher Certification (Babies, Tykes, Tots, and Kids) takes approximately 60 hours to complete all course requirements. 

Our NEW Progressive Certification model gets you teaching and growing your business at a faster rate!

  1. Complete the Intellidance® Foundations Course ✓ 
  2. Complete the Intellidance® Babies Course ✓
  3. You are now certified and ready to teach Intellidance® Babies!!!! 

Upon completion of each program course, you will receive a NEW certification to teach Intellidance® Tykes, Tots, and Kids!

Individual Program Teacher Certifications in one curriculum only take approximately 20 hours to complete.

What do I require to take online courses?

To complete Online Certification courses you will need:

  • A computer or tablet with high speed internet
  • Microsoft Word or Pages
  • A PDF viewer program to download digital resources (we recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader- you can download it free here!)
  • A video camera for practical assignments (this can be as simple as the camera on your phone)
I don't have a background in early childhood education. Can I still take the course?

Yes! We have successfully trained many professionals who do not have a background in early childhood education. The most important thing is that you love young children and are willing and eager to learn! 

I don't have a background in dance or music. Can I still take the course?

Yes! We have successfully trained many professionals who do not have a formal background in dance or music. The most important thing is that you love to dance and sing, and you are comfortable expressing yourself through movement. If you can march, jump, gallop, skip, hop, turn, sing in tune and move to a beat, you can teach Intellidance®!

We have successfully trained early childhood teachers, dance teachers, music teachers, librarians, fitness instructors, occupational therapists, early intervention specialist, and psychologists in the Intellidance® Method. All of these professionals have found meaningful ways to apply the Intellidance® Method to their professional practice. 

What kind of assignments will I need to complete during the Online Intellidance® Early Years Certification?

Throughout the course you will complete written and practical (video) assignments to support your learning:

  • The Intellidance® Classroom Sensory Experience -Intellidance® Method Foundations Course (Written Assignment)
  • Intellidance® Activity Videos (5-8 minutes) of yourself leading an Intellidance® activity from each program (Program Courses)
  • Intellidance® Babies Safety Guidelines Video (3-5 minutes) of yourself demonstrating the safety and positioning guidelines for dancing with Babies (Babies Program Course Only)

Assignments are uploaded directly to the course platform. You will receive individualized, written feedback that:

  • Identifies and celebrates your UNIQUE teaching strengths
  • Addresses areas of improvement
  • Provides you with SPECIFIC, ACTIONABLE strategies to support your continued GROWTH as a teacher, no matter what your level of experience!
What if I have a question while I'm taking the online course?

Easy communication with the Intellidance® team is available through the course messenger service and via the Intellidance® Method Network Group on Facebook.

I want to start an Intellidance® business in my community, but I don't have my own studio...

No problem! Many of our Certified Intellidance® Teachers have built successful mobile Intellidance® businesses in their communities through partnering with other facilities and renting spaces. Ideas for places to run classes include:

  • Community Centers
  • Yoga/Fitness Studios
  • Dance Studios
  • Churches
  • School Gymnasiums
I am a studio owner interested in bringing Intellidance® to my studio. Do all my teachers need to be trained through you?

Yes, anyone teaching the Intellidance® programs must take the Intellidance® Method Certification. This ensures that all teachers receive the same level of training and maintain the Intellidance®  high quality standards. It also removes hours of work from your already full plate, allowing you to easily grow your teaching team, while you focus on your business growth! 

Studio owners interested in training multiple teachers may contact us for more information on our group discounts!

What are the ongoing membership fees?

Membership Fees:
Membership fees for Intellidance® Teachers are $99 USD/year.

Your first year of Team Member Fees are included in the cost of your certification!

What's Included:

  • Non-Exclusive rights to use the Intellidance® name and trademark and offer the Intellidance® programs for which you are certified to teach
  • Access to seasonal progressive curriculums and lesson plans
  • Access to Video Library
  • Access to Intellidance® Method Courses
  • Access to Business Resources
  • Access to Marketing Materials
  • Teacher Profile Page and Class Listing on www.intellidanceclasses.com website
  • Webinars for ongoing professional development
  • Membership to the Intellidance® Method Network (private Facebook group)
  • Access to the Intellidance® Premium Shop 

Ignite Your Love of Teaching

Our goal is to ignite your passion for early childhood dance and music education, increase your confidence, expertise, and satisfaction as a teacher, and accelerate your business profitability and success!